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Life as a sandwich placement student

August 24, 2017

So, what is a sandwich placement? Stated by “WikiJob” it is classed as a

validated work experience opportunity which forms part of a university degree programme (usually the third year, of a four year course).

For my placement, I have chosen to kickstart my career as a junior web developer with Nuttersons. The main aim of the company is to provide a front end web development experience to allow me to focus on my design, working on responsive and creative layouts, which for me had felt like a perfect opportunity.

While studying at university, I was mainly pointed towards the back end development side of the web. Which allowed me to work on large scale projects such as laravel, python, and smaller javascript frameworks. Which was great for working on larger scale projects as a full team, however I knew that i wasn’t up to scratch in front-end.

A placement usually will last between 12 – 15 months, allowing you to gain plenty of real work experience before you go back to complete your final year. The best part of this for me was that I was able to be a lot more creative with my final year project, building a complete client dashboard.

This was a perfect opportunity to provide real world clients with a more structured experience, while also allowing me to work on real world web projects with technologies I had only used for practice in uni.

Would I recommend it?

Most definitely, I feel as though it is necessary to have that one year break from uni. Which allows you to focus on your weaknesses before putting them into practice on a larger scale project. By doing this I feel as though I have more to offer and bring to a real world situation while bringing real world solutions to reality.

What is it like working in Web Development?

Unlike software development, I find web development a lot more flexible not only are you learning how to improve your own codebase, you’re also learning about different topics in the areas your clients work in. In my example, I have worked on plenty of health and Physio websites which allowed me to broaden my knowledge on areas I would have never thought about beforehand. This for me is great as I always like to learn something new if this is either from other web developers or people who work in a completely different area.

From this, I have picked up skills in developing custom WordPress themes, working with Magento. Providing a more structured code base for PHP applications (such as checkmydomain). I feel as though if i didn’t have the opportunity of working for a gap year between my university course, I would have no ideal path to follow after finishing as a graduate, which for me is important as I will always like to plan ahead in the future.


If you’re thinking about going on a sandwich placement, have questions or just generally curious about the experience at Nuttersons. Feel free to contact me via email I would be more than happy to provide you with the information that you require.

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