Everton Match Shirt

Everton Match shirt is an online store which users can enquire with offers on shirts which have been fitted or worn by official players from the Everton football team.

The initial aim of the project was to find and develop a solution which could help our client create, edit and delete products which users can enquire about on his very own website. The initial aim was to provide a more static solution, however I felt as though this would be more costly, would take up more time, and may not be as secure as I would have liked it to be.

The aim was to find a theme which would match the criteria, due to the time and budget constraints. I had decided to go for Ecommerce Gem As this theme was clean, modern, and displayed all the features necessary for our client to meet their origional goal. In addition to this, I had used wordpress as my base platform, this would help with SEO, help manage products (using woocomerce) while being user friendly.

The project had consisted of meeting the goals of the website, which was to obtain offers on multiple items, while showcasing the owners latest products. What I thought had helped with the project, was the photography the owner had supplied me with, I felt as though this had helped showcase what type of products should be visible on the site.

After the client was satisfied that the system would meet their goals, my next step was to suggest and setup a suitable hosting solution. For this I had used Godaddy pro, the reason behind doing this is so the user can work at their own pace, and view my recommendations by going at their own pace. This had allowed me to show them which options was best for their site, while giving them the best value for money on both domain and hosting package.


May 2019



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