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Tx Group search aims to provide a more customized experience for visitors of any Tx Group site.

Tx Group is a corporation which houses approximately 10+ Healthcare companies which can gather around 500,000 visitors per year. The challenge was to develop a centralized search system, which can allow visitors to search the site they are currently on, or all sites under Tx Group.

The system works by using a sitemap.xml used to index pages into Google. Using this file, the system is able to scrape the content of all the pages within this file. This uses simple html dom to filter out the content required to be stored into a db.

The content is then checked for any special characters, which will be slashed out before adding to the db. Users are able to run a search query dependant on the site they're on. Results will then be parsed and returned into json format which can then be interpreted into a clean front-end Google results style solution.

Find a live example Here!


February 2018



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